Humble Beginning

For most companies, a humble beginning is par for the course. What separates the true achievers is the ability to turn a modest start into an exceptional enterprise that could stand shoulder to shoulder with the leading players. When it comes to achievers, one of the true success stories is certainly that of Centrionics Group.

How we do it?

What began as a local upstart in the area of wastewater management, Centrionics Group is today the proud parent of Malaysia-based

  • Centrionics Sdn Bhd,
  • Centrionics Systems and Services Sdn Bhd,
  • Centrionics Research (M) Sdn Bhd, and

in addition to regional representations across Southeast Asia. These subsidiaries have magnified and extended the portfolio of services under the Centrionics brand; from supplying and distributing analytical instruments or equipment, to steel and analyzer fabrication and consultation, providing end-to-end solutions that contribute to enhancing the safety as well as environmental sustainability of the diverse industries Centrionics serves. This ‘whole package’ approach has proven to be a winning formula; Centrionics Systems and Services Sdn Bhd has been named one of the preferred/registered sellers for Petronas, and along with Centrionics Sdn Bhd are both ISO-certified companies. Furthermore, Centrionics has been awarded the 3 Petals of Business Ethics in 2019/20 (BEIM) in Malaysia, while in Singapore it has obtained a Level 3 clearance under the country’s exacting bizSAFE certification. With this holistic approach, Centrionics Group is proud to have served more than 50 clients, providing each with carefully thought-out, personalized services and solutions.

How we got started

Holding on to the same determination, aspiration, and customer-first focus that were the cornerstone of its growth from inception until now, Centrionics is filling its playbook with ambitious plans; chief of which is to branch out to areas that include logistics, training/seminar, and educational programs – all with the purpose of transforming into a ‘one-size-fits-all’ top-tier and first-choice provider of leading-edge products, advanced technological solutions and high-quality services. That’s not all – Centrionics Group has also set its sight on bigger goals and meaningful growth, by laying down a 10-year plan to achieve this momentous vision in 2030.

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