How you monitor your

liquid concentration ?

Experience a paradigm shift in inline concentration and density measurement with the advanced Liquisonic System by Sensotech, revolutionizing how you monitor and manage your industrial processes

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LiquiSonic® measuring systems offer a multifaceted solution that caters to the diverse needs of numerous industries. Its versatility, accuracy, and reliability elevate process analytics to a whole new level and empowering businesses to achieve peak performance,
LiquiSonic® optimizes the process in your industry
LiquiSonic® Systems in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry
The sonic velocity analyzer LiquiSonic® has a high variety of applications in the chemical and petrochemical industry. Related applications suits your industry
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
In applications of the pharmaceutical industry LiquiSonic® systems are used to monitor the crystallization of pharmaceutical products. Related applications suits your industry
Mechanical and Plant engineering
In industrial surface treatments and cleaning processes these sensors are used for a real-time monitoring e.g. of the bath quality.Related applications suits your industry
Food & beverages
Our sensors conform to recommendations according to the FDA standards or EHEDG.Related applications suits your industry
LiquiSonic® in Mining Industry
In mining applications SensoTech systems are the perfect solution for diverse measuring tasks. From copper mining to potassium chloride flotation LiquiSonic® monitors saturations, concentrations and suspension densities. Related applications suits your industry

Optimize product quality, enhance safety,and maximize the efficiency and reliability of the process.


Liquisonic system by Sensotech is a sophisticated inline measuring system used for concentration and density measurements in various industrial processes.

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What are the alternative methods to achieve precise outcomes in concentration monitoring during chemical mixing?

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Concentration and Density Measurement of Liquid
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