Corporate Social Responsibility



Total CSR Manhours

At Centrionics, we believe that we should always contribute back to the society and our planet as a way to show our future generations that the key to ensure environmental sustainability starts within us. We link our BELL OF EXCELLENCE program with CSR program. Whereby, BOE will accumulate every sales generated percentage and contribute it to CSR program, our staffs are welcoming this program, as while we excelling in our business, at the same time we are contributing back to the society via CSR program.
2010 - Kelana Special School Visit
2011 - Bell of Excellence
2012 - Planting Mangrove tree at Sungai Dua, Klang
2013 - Orphanage Visit
2013 - Bell of Excellence at FRIM
2016 - Go Green
2018 - Go Green
2019 - Go Green Tasik Kota Kemuning
2019 - Environmental Awareness
2020 - Plant The Tree