Common Sources of Hydrocarbon Presence
in an Air Separation Plant (ASP)

Feedstock Contamination

System Leaks

Contaminated Equipment

Process Upsets

Inadequate Purification

How to manage hydrocarbon content in an ASP

  • Implementing rigorous feedstock purification processes to remove hydrocarbon impurities before entering the ASP.
  • Maintaining the ASP system and equipment to minimize leaks and ensure tight seals, preventing the ingress of hydrocarbons.
  • Monitoring and analyzing gas samples at various points within the ASP using analytical techniques like gas chromatography to detect and quantify hydrocarbon content.
  • Implementing preventive maintenance programs and leak detection systems to identify and address any hydrocarbon leaks promptly.

Optimize product quality, enhance safety,and maximize the efficiency and reliability of the process.

Determination of traceability of hydrocarbons in air separation plants
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