Mercury Ultratracer

Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The UT-3000 Mercury Ultratracer is a compact and reliable instrument for measuring mercury in gases at ultra trace levels according to the EN 15852. Utilizing the high performance GoldTrap amalgamation module and an optimized state-of-the-art AA-mercury vapor detector the UT3000 Ultratracer offers detection limits at sub-ng/m3 (ppt - parts per trillion) levels.


  • Continuous outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring
  • Stationary and mobile AQMS laboratories
  • Industrial fence-line and field monitoring
  • Environmental pollution source tracking
  • Studies of mercury dispersion in the atmosphere
  • Natural gas and derivatives
  • Emission monitoring

Key features of the ENVEA Mercury Ultra Tracer

Mercury Ultra Tracer is a specialized instrument designed for the continuous monitoring of mercury emissions in industrial processes. It's a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions.

Ultra-Sensitive Detection

The instrument is capable of detecting extremely low concentrations of mercury in gas emissions, ensuring compliance with strict environmental regulations.

Real-Time Monitoring

It provides real-time data on mercury concentrations, allowing operators to promptly identify any deviations from emission standards.

Robust and Reliable

Built with high-quality materials and advanced technology, the Mercury Ultra Tracer offers reliable performance even in harsh industrial environments

Easy Integration

It can be seamlessly integrated into existing monitoring systems, making it convenient for industrial facilities to upgrade their mercury emission monitoring capabilities
Mercury Ultra Tracer
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