SLC-220 Smart Controller


• Low-power consumption with wired or wireless connection to customer’s main control system.
• A GSM or PTP transmitter for wireless communication of status and alarm messages and a Leakwise GSM or PTP receiver with Modbus connection to customer’s main control system.
• Low-cost Cellular wireless operation by text messaging to cellphones. Optional communication when using a Smart Leakwise Receiver (SLR-220). Backup communication occurs through a free call-and-hang-up protocol.
• Centralized control of multiple sensors using multiple controllers connected by a common RS-485 cable to a central SCADA or to an SLR-220 Receiver that collects the data.
• Built-in self-diagnostics of the Leakwise Sensors and SLC-220.
• Processor firmware updates can be simply downloaded by the user for keeping the product updated.
SLC-220 Smart Controller
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