Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer utilizes intuitive touchscreen control to provide reliable luminescent technology for measuring dissolved oxygen in water at ppb levels.

Luminescent technology features superior benefits and cost savings compared to traditional dissolved oxygen sensing technologies. It provides high accuracy and long-term stability on a new, easy to use platform. The 9165 Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer can be used in a variety of online analysis applications throughout many different industries.


  • No sensor maintenance (no membrane, no electrolyte)

  • Wide measurement range: 0–2000ppb; 0-45ppm

  • No calibration for up to 2 years

  • Extremely fast response time with minimal flow requirements

  • No sample interferences

  • Independent configuration of ranges, alarms, and reading outputs

  • One month of internal data logging, USB download

  • Simple system setup

  • Rugged and Compact design

  • Up to four sample streams on one electronics platform

  • Full touchscreen control with sample point labeling


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    Measuring dissolved oxygen in water 
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