Conductivity Sensors

4-electrode sensor for high-pressure and high-temperature applications; large measuring range from pure water up to high conductivities.

Special chemical processes; condenser monitoring, also for heavily polluted, e.g. fibrous media, pulp production.

Measurement of pure water up to high conductivities. Highly corrosive chemical processes, bleaching liquors, oxidizing as well as heavily polluted (e.g. fibrous) materials. Condenser leakage monitoring.
Robust 2-electrode sensor. For precise and reliable measurement of low and very low conductivities, particularly in ultrapure water.

Boiler feed water, feed water, boiler water, cooling water, water vapor cycle, pure water, condenser monitoring

The low-cost solution for measuring low conductivities in water. Drinking water, industrial water, surface water, ion exchangers and reverse osmosis plants, rinse water, seawater desalination plants
Conductivity Sensors
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